A different take on our forward looking approach

October 12, 2020

Always face the direction you’re travelling – seems pretty obvious, right?
When you’re driving (or cycling, running or electric scootering) you wouldn’t dream of facing backwards – would you?
Of course, anybody would know, you must look forward, watching out for any dangers like potholes or obstacles. But also focusing on upcoming opportunities, shortcuts, slopes and even the odd lemonade stand. Sure, you’ll occasionally glance behind you, perhaps to change direction or make a speed change, but otherwise you’ll mostly be facing forward.
Here’s where one of my big problems with other accountants lies.
Why do so many accountants spend so long looking at the past?
Sure, we know that the past informs the future, and to fully understand where you’re going and how to get there you need to have an idea about what your business has gone through. But to really get to where you want to be, in business and in motion, you have to be looking forwards.
We spend far more time looking forward with our clients than we do looking back. A very small part of our meetings are based on what’s already happened, the biggest part is spent looking forward, finding how you can grow and hit your KPI’s, and finding out how we can help you get there.
Get in touch if you’re interested in working with an accountant who will help you get to your goals, not keep looking back!

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