Accountants are only slightly concerned

Accountants are only slightly concerned.

It occurred to me the other day about how calm accountants are as a profession, and it makes us a great shoulder to lean on. Many people say that after they have called me about a problem, or we’ve sat down and discussed it how much better they feel.

We really take everything in our stride and never really seem stressed. It’s a combination of experience and training, I think. A good, experienced accountant has seen everything – and they’ve seen their clients emerge the other side only slightly affected, if at all.

So that is why when faced with an issue a good accountant will, at worse, be, only slightly concerned.

That was our reaction to the pandemic, Brexit, the invasion of Ukraine, interest rate rises, and the cost of living.

If you have an issue talk to your accountant, they will have a solution and they will make you feel much better. If they don’t then you need a new accountant!

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