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We offer a full range of accounting services, specialising in supporting owner-managed businesses to thrive. We pride ourselves on providing accurate and timely accountancy services to our clients.

Accountancy services Nottingham: A Complete Accounting Firm

re not what many people think of when they think of accountants. For us, it’s more than numbers and reporting. Far more. We want to know you and the story of your business and how you got there. ost importantly, we want to help you get to the next level.

We offer a range of standard accountancy services including the preparation of accounts for self-assessment tax returns, producing financial statements for filing at Companies House and abbreviated accounts – ensuring financial information about your company that is made public is minimal.

We do far more than just report. We identify ways to minimise your tax liability, improve and streamline areas within your business and track performance against goals and KPIs. Hiring accountancy services can ensure that a company’s financial records are accurate and up-to-date

Unlike some other accountants, we don’t just compile and regurgitate information about your business back to you. We work more thoroughly to help you understand trends, what’s happening within your business and planning for the future.

We also distil information about the array of software packages available and provide advice about which is most suitable for you. This includes accounts and payroll software, contact management software, email and internet set-up, management reporting solutions and various other office software packages. Being a fully computerised practice, we have a solid understanding of many areas within IT and can guide clients towards the most suitable solutions. Accountancy services nottingham are crucial to businesses. Accounting services play an important role in company or organization, financial, and grant management by providing information on assets and liabilities, income statements, and balance sheets.

As an accounting services French company, we have a wide range of accounting services offered to meet the needs of our client.


               Accounting Software

“Simple is good, Simple and effective is better”

If you need advice on the right accounts or payroll software for you, please talk to us.

We can also offer training in the use of some of the leading packages.

In addition, being a fully computerised practise we have a great understanding of many I.T. areas and know our clients are in an excellent position to help them. We as an accountancy services nottingham expert can often help or point you in the right direction with…

  • Accounts software
  • Online accounts packages
  • Payroll software
  • Contact management software
  • Advising on the necessary hardware
  • E-mail and internet set up
  • Management reporting solutions
  • Use of various office software packages

Accounts Preparation

What role do accountancy services provide in business accounting preparation?

“Do you need accurate accounts provided on time?” 

We as an accountancy services Nottingham expert can…

  • Prepare accounts to help in the completion of self-assessment tax returns.
  • Produce financial statements to file at Companies House and abbreviated accounts to ensure the minimum amount of your financial information is made public.

Accounts are prepared to agreed timescales and deadlines.

But we can do more than just report the history of what’s already happened…

  • Identify areas where we can assist in minimising your tax liability.
  • Identify areas of the business that give you the most opportunity to make improvements.
  • Use the accounts to help you measure where you are in meeting your goals and what actions you need to take.

We as an accounting services experts take the time to explain your accounts to you so that you understand what is going on financially within your business, helping you to plan for the future.  Our Accountancy services enables you to concentrate on your business while leaving the stress of accounts preparation to us.

How Can Accounting Services French Company Help You?

Streamline Savings

There is no shortcut to success, but there are smart ways to reduce costs and mitigate spending. By utilizing accountancy services, you can retool your business and cut out unnecessary expenses that may be infringing on your progress. Accounting services Nottingham experts can help you achieve long-term financial stability and success.

Accountancy services can immediately provide savings through a few key methods:


  • Outsourcing – Instead of hiring, onboarding, and maintaining one or more employees to handle your accounting needs, you can outsource your services to qualified professionals.
  • Only pay for what you need – Choose the services most relevant to your business and a part- or full-time arrangement.
  • Achieve better internal returns – Sometimes, your financial department’s key personnel are stuck managing time-consuming tasks that could be outsourced. Eliminating those items from their to-do lists enables them to prioritize initiatives that deliver better returns and broader organizational impact. Our accountancy services can help your organization save time, money, and effort.

Minimize Errors

Number crunching, data entry, and complex math could lead to technical errors when mismanaged. Even a talented accountant can make a mistake or lose track of data. 

Working with accountancy services nottingham specialists can provide you peace of mind that your financial records are accurate

Outsourced accountancy services could help you reduce overall errors related to your finances through the following measures:

  • Top expertise – Accountancy services team members are typically at the top of their field, with experience in finance and specialized knowledge related to diverse industries.
  • Maximum oversight – With an entire team overlooking your finances, errors are quickly discovered and corrected. Enjoy the oversight and critical eye of several team members and managers.
  • Consistent check-ins – By staying in communication with your accountancy services team, you can discover potential issues long before they can impact your business. Expect check-ins early and often.  We provide the best acountancy services we can in order to assist businesses in growing.

Increase Flexibility

A growing business is an agile business. Entrepreneurs today know that flexibility is an essential strength for competing in their industry. Whether you need to revise your service offerings, reinvest in your branding, or realign your product, accountancy services can allow you to pivot your business on a dime. Accounting services Nottingham experts offer centralized, flexible, secure accountancy services to accommodate a variety of needs.

Consider the following ways accounting services can keep your business flexible:

  • Centralized accounting – No need to bounce between departments, ping each other back and forth, or wait for follow-ups from various team members. Your accounting services can be fully centralized, creating a clear and accessible chain of command.
  • Real-time asset management – Interested in shifting around your capital or reorienting your spending? You can manage your financial assets in real-time, allowing you to determine the best path for continued growth.
  • Reclaimed bandwidth – Have you been spending significant time reappraising your accounting methods, examining finances, and reiterating financial policies? By outsourcing your accounting services, you will have the flexibility to take on the more impactful projects and responsibilities that add value to your business.  

Prioritize Scalability

Traditional accounting teams need to be adjusted depending on workload and expansion plans. This can lead to further complications when projections are off, projects fall through, or new demands are put in place. Fortunately, with outsourced accounting services, you can mitigate these risks. Prioritizing scalability is crucial for any business that wants to grow and expand, and accountancy services nottingham experts can help you achieve this goal.

Your accounting services can scale with your business, removing the risk of:

  • Employee turn-over
  • Increased or decreased client demand
  • Extended hiring, onboarding, and retraining

Instead of reassessing, reconfiguring, and rebuilding your accounting team every time your business shifts, you can rely on scalable outsourced accountancy services to maintain the essential staff necessary for efficient and effective work. 

Our accountancy services help businesses expand while remaining consistent.


Access Critical Data

Your accountancy services team can open possibilities for your business to gain insights and develop new strategies. Delegating responsibilities to your outsourced team reclaims significant bandwidth, but you also continue to interface with them for critical data to craft actionable solutions. Accounting services nottingham experts can provide you with timely, accurate financial reports that give you an up-to-date view of your business’s performance.

Typically, your team will provide data-backed reports based on:

  • Revenue growth
  • Profit ratios
  • Liquidity

Using cutting-edge technology, you can spend time analyzing and consulting with your outsourced team regarding their latest financial findings. With access to the facts, you can make the best decision about the future.

Ensure Compliance

Businesses in several distinct industries are subject to specialized compliance protocols that substantially impact businesses when their exacting standards are not followed.

An accountancy services team experienced in your industry or with specific regulatory adherence can offer you compliance assurance for a variety of needs, including:

  • Tax code
  • Government contract compliance
  • Specialized industry standards

Partnering with an accounting services provider that staffs a prolific roster of professionals with backgrounds across numerous compliance frameworks will better ensure your outsourced team protects your business. Our accountancy services assist businesses in meeting compliance standards, accounting standards, and company objectives. Accountancy services nottingham professionals can help ensure that your business complies with relevant tax laws and regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.

Gain Professional Insights

Connecting with an accounting services team is about more than balancing budgets and reviewing data. Every business can benefit from professional insights aimed at honing your business operations.

Accounting services could offer insights regarding:

  • Long-term strategies – You may have a clear goal for your business’ continued success, but the path to attaining your dreams requires significant planning. Consult with your accounting team to develop the strategies to secure your future.
  • Financial opportunities – Those in the financial industry are familiar with business opportunities, tax incentives, and additional revenue streams that could greatly benefit your business.
  • Professional networks – Your accounting service team could be your connection to a new professional network. Discover your network and explore new relationships with potential job candidates, clients, and stakeholders. Get professional advice to help you make sensible decisions. Our accountancy services team is here to assist you in reaching your goals. 

Working with an accounting services nottingham expert can provide you with valuable insights into your business’s financial performance and health, helping you make more informed decisions. 

Stay Focused on Your Business

When most businesses are actively scaling, owners and their teams are forced to juggle multiple roles—particularly within the early stages—and each one suffers. Instead of cramming financial and accounting responsibilities into already-packed daily schedules, outsource them to better ensure that your people can focus on their most important responsibilities.

  • Less stress – Accounting can be difficult, especially when teams are stretched thin and striving toward business success in other directions. By removing the financial responsibilities from your team, they may experience reduced stress and increased productivity.
  • Free up personnel – Are your team members split between various accounting needs and other internal responsibilities? Give them the time to focus on the most important job, and encourage them to strive.
  • Hit your goals – With all the extra time and resources, your near (and long-term) benchmarks may become more attainable. Ultimately, the goal of utilizing accounting services is to bolster your business and create an effective strategy to reach the next level of success.  Allow our accountancy services team to manage all of your accounts so you can get back to creating value for your customers.

By outsourcing your accounting needs to an accountancy services nottingham experts, you can free up your time and resources to focus on growing your business and achieving your goals.

Find All Your Accounting Services at Seagrave French

The benefits of having access to accounting services from a Certified Chartered Accountant cannot be overstated. Today, more businesses of all types (sole traders, Partnerships, Private limited companies, Public limited companies, Non-Profit organisations, and Cooperatives) are reaching out and connecting with fully outsourced financial teams to provide long-term support. If you are interested in utilizing accounting services yourself, check out Seagrave French an accounting services french company.

Let your business outpace expectations with our range of accounting services offered including Accounting Services, Audits, Bookkeeping, Business Support, Payroll Services, Tax Advisors and VAT Services—all designed to scale with your needs. 

For any business to be successful, accurate and reliable accountancy services are an absolute necessity. Accountancy services nottingham can provide businesses of all sizes with a range of financial management and reporting services to help them stay compliant, organized, and financially healthy.

Ready to meet the team? Reach out for a free consultation today.

Accounting Glossary


An accountant is a professional who performs accounting functions such as account analysis, auditing, or financial statement analysis.


Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business.

Accounts Preparation

Statutory accounts preparation means completing the right documentation from your financial records for submission to HMRC.

Accounting Software

Accounting software is a computer program that assists accountants in recording and reporting a firm’s financial transactions.

Allowable Expenses

Allowable expenses are essential business costs that are not taxable.


The purpose of an audit is for an independent third party to examine the financial statements of an entity.

Bank Accounts

A bank account is a financial account maintained by a bank or other financial institution in which the financial transactions between the bank and a customer are recorded


Benchmarking is defined as the process of measuring products, services, and processes against those of organizations known to be leaders in one or more aspects of their operations.


Bookkeeping is the process of recording your company’s financial transactions into organized accounts on a daily basis.

Bookkeeping Health Check

This is where we carry out a number of checks to ensure that good bookkeeping practices are in place.

Business Growth

Business Growth is a stage where the business reaches the point for expansion and seeks additional options to generate more profit.

Business Health Check

The business health check gives you a very easy way to find out how well your business is doing and highlights the areas that are doing well and the areas that are doing not so well.

Business Plans

A business plan is a written document that describes your business. A business plan helps you to: clarify your business idea. spot potential problems.

Business Support Services

Business support services means establishments primarily within structures, providing other businesses with services including maintenance, repair, and service, testing, rental, etc.

Business Support Sessions

Business support sessions are meant to help your business develop by analyzing their current situation, reviewing their issues and providing constructive feedback and strategies to overcome those issues.

Business Valuations

A business valuation is a general process of determining the economic value of a whole business or company unit.

Company Formation

Company formation is the process of incorporating (registering) a business in the form of a limited company.

Company Secretarial Services

Company secretarial services are not the traditional work of a secretary, as the name might suggest, but rather it refers to the level of administrative function within a business that ensures good corporate governance, effective administration and compliance with legislation, laws and regulations that govern business and industry.


Contractors are businesses that agree to conduct work for another entity as specified under the terms of a contract.

Employee Remuneration Planning

A remuneration package is the complete bundle of pay, benefits and perks given (or offered) to an employee.

Employment Status

Employment status is a general term referring to the relationship between an employee and their current or former employer.


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Factoring is the selling or transferring of accounts receivable in order to gain funds that are immediately available. A company sells its receivables to another company, which is called a factor.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax planning is about passing the proceeds of an estate to chosen beneficiaries rather than to HMRC.


The purpose of IR35 is to tackle tax avoidance from businesses that are designating their workers as disguised employees and contractors that are designating themselves as disguised employees.

Knowledge Bank

A Knowledge Bank is a published collection of information that includes answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting instructions. It’s designed to make it easy for people to find solutions to their problems without having to ask for help.

Limited Company

A limited company is a type of business structure whereby a company is considered a legally distinct body.

Management Accounts

Management accounts are a type of financial report, providing insight into the financial performance of your business.

Management Information

Management information (MI) is any data that relates to business activity, including information about customers, staff and sales.

Management Systems

A management system is the way in which an organization manages the interrelated parts of its business in order to achieve its objectives.


Payroll is the process of paying salary to a company’s employees.


PAYE stands for ‘Pay As You Earn’. PAYE ensures that the yearly amounts you have to pay are collected evenly on each pay day over the course of the tax year. PAYE is also used for people who receive an occupational pension from a previous employer.

Personal Tax

Personal tax is the tax on your earnings.

Property Tax

Property tax is a tax paid on property owned by an individual or other legal entity.

Raising Finance

When someone finances something such as a project or a purchase, they provide the money that is needed to pay for them.

Registered Office

A Registered Office, is considered an entity’s official address where formal government correspondence and other company mailings can be sent and confirmed as received by the organization.

Seagrave French

Seagrave French is Nottingham’s top certified chartered accountant & business adviser.

Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is the art of creating specific business strategies, implementing them, and evaluating the results of executing the plan, in regard to a company’s overall long-term goals or desires.

Tax Advisors

A tax advisor is a financial professional who provides advice on strategies to minimize taxes owed while staying within the scope of the law and regulation.

Tax consultants

Tax consultants help clients with a variety of tax-related issues. Mainly, they make sure clients comply with tax rules and regulations.

Tax Disputes

Tax Dispute means any contention by a Tax authority that a liability to Tax may arise or that a Tax Relief may not be available.

Tax Enquiry

A tax enquiry is the process by which HMRC check in detail that the information on a tax return is correct and complete.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is the legal process of arranging your affairs to minimise a tax liability.


A trust is a legal arrangement for managing assets. In a trust, assets are held and managed by one person or peopleto benefit another person or people.


VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is a general tax placed on almost all goods and services sold. The simple principle behind VAT is consumers pay a tax on the products they buy based on the value of the product.

VAT Return

A VAT return is a form you file with HMRC, usually four times a year, to show how much VAT you are due to pay them.

VAT registration

VAT registration is the process of listing your business with the government as active in production and sales.

Vat Health Check

The health-check involves checking a business’s VAT procedures as well as looking into ways to maximise recovery on costs.

Accounting Services Offered

Accountancy services in Nottingham offer a wide range of services to businesses. Some of the services offered include:

Accounting Services

We offer a full range of accounting services, specialising in supporting owner-managed businesses to thrive.

Business Support Services

Our business support services will let you focus on the important stuff while we handle the paperwork.

VAT Services

Our dedicated team provide a full range of VAT services and are happy to offer VAT advice if you have any questions.

Business Audits

We provide financial business audits to companies across the UK. Contact our team of experts today for more details on our services

Payroll Services

Managing Payroll can be complicated, but with Seagrave French at your side, you’ll never need to worry about it. Contact us today to discuss our full range of Payroll Services.

Business Bookkeeping

If you’re spending too much time on bookkeeping and not enough time with your customers, we can help. Our team will handle all your business bookkeeping, leaving you free to manage other aspects of your business.

Tax Advisors

Seagrave French provides tax services to both business owners and private individuals. Let our tax advisors take the stress out of your tax return.

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