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Business Health Check

What is a Business Health Check?

A Business Health Check can be referred to as a current comprehensive evaluation of the crucial elements of your business. It provides you with several questions to help you concentrate on the business in a way that helps you see it from the point of view of an external expert. This begins with an assessment by you, in your capacity as the owner/manager independent of the business. It involves a comprehensive diagnostic of the business and the outcome will define the strength of the business while pointing out ways of improving the business.

Why should I take a Business Health Check?

The business health check gives you a very easy way to find out how well your business is doing and highlights the areas that are doing well and the areas that are doing not so well.

Do you know what to do next in your business? No? Well the health check is designed to help you and tell you the things that you should be focusing on most.

Business Health Check Template

This is a fairly easy process. By working with a business adviser or coach with experience, the owner/manager is put through every facet of the business. You are given the necessary support needed to make an assessment of the results of the comprehensive diagnostic report and aided in coming up with a plan to put the necessary changes into action. The following are the key areas:

  1. External Elements
  2. Vision For The Business
  3. Structure And Culture To Provide Support
  4. For The Strategies
  5. Marketing, Sales & Business Development
  6. Production, Operations & Logistics
  7. Accounting, Finance & Cash Flow
  8. People & HR

Benefits of a Business Health Check?

What are the Benefits of a Business Health Check?

Image of Identify New Revenue Streams

Identify New Revenue Streams

It’s important to regularly review your revenue streams, as it will help you identify if there are opportunities for your business to service your customers better and generate more revenue.

Improve Profitability Image for the business plan page

Improve Profitability

Improving your business’ profitability can help you to reduce costs, increase turnover and productivity, and help you to plan for change and growth.

Manage Cash Flow Effectively Image for the business plan page

Manage Cash Flow Effectively

Managing your cash flow effectively will give you greater control over your cash. Your spending will be contained and you can guarantee you will have enough cash reserves to use in case of unexpected expenses.

Reach New Audiences Image for the business plan page

Reach New Audiences

Developing your audience is an excellent way to understand how they operate. You can learn why they behave the way they do and market more effectively. It also helps you grow your customer base, increasing business revenue.

How can Seagrave French help you?

How can Seagrave French help you?

Our Business Healthcheck service is designed to identify the health of your business to produce a list of recommended areas where there is an opportunity for improvement.

The health check can help with…

  • Producing a valuation of your business
  • Reviewing the management information systems and reports used
  • Goal setting and how you measure where you are against those goals
  • Identifying the blocks that are stopping you from getting where you want to be
  • Benchmarking against other businesses in your industry – do you know how you compare to the best and the average in your industry
  • Helping you with working ON your business as opposed to IN it
  • Development of key performance indicators
  • Review of marketing strategy, USP’s, customer service levels to assist with business growth
  • Pricing strategy review
  • Review of systems to identify cash flow needs
  • Review of systems to develop the potential of your team
  • Review of disaster recovery planning – death, loss of key personnel, fire, computer failure, etc

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