Career mobility is a priority for millennial and gen Z employees

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June 5, 2022

What is Career Mobility?

Career mobility (also known as job mobility) is the process of an employee moving in their career. It can refer to upward, downward as well as lateral movement across to another role within the same business but in a different capacity
Career mobility has been generally associated with employees moving through a hierarchical structure. More recently, it has evolved to refer to enabling employees to take part in work opportunities that benefit the business and the employee. Career mobility can also include changes to the frequency of the role. As in part-time or remote working from a full-time role, etc.

Why is it important?

Career mobility can also be a great retention tool for businesses. For example, rather than lose a valued team member, they can be given the chance to move to an alternative role in a different part of the business. According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, a high percentage of millennial and generation Z employees are willing to take a small cut in pay for a role that offered them a better chance of career growth.
While cutting salaries, particularly in the current competitive environment, is not a good idea. However, being able to retain employees by offering them the opportunity to work in a new role at the same business, can be a good staff retention tool
Not only that but being known as a business that offers career mobility could help to enhance your “employer brand”. This could make your business more attractive to young and talented employees who would want to work for businesses that offer this.
Career mobility can also be used to address challenges such as diversity and inclusion. As businesses step away from rigid career paths and old-fashioned approaches to employment, multiple opportunities for employees have opened up and they can now forge the career paths they want in a way that promotes a healthy and happy work-life balance.
This is especially important to the younger generation as they are constantly looking to improve and change. So being stuck in a rut with no potential for growth will lead to a dissatisfied workforce and damper the progress that the business could make.
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