Hey, Can I Get Your Number?

August 15, 2019

Don’t worry we’re not trying to pick you up.

This year we’re talking to our clients about what number they need for a retirement that meets their expectations. It might be an amount in their pension pot, the level of their total assets or what they need each year to do what they want in retirement.

But it also needs to be achievable and not compromise their existing lifestyle.

Our clients will have many sources of assets in retirement, savings, business value, shares, pension pot or property portfolio.

We can help our clients work out what action they need to take to have the best chance of achieving this and put in place protection in case there are bumps in the way.

We started with looking at our own position, and the partners at Seagrave French now know what they need to do to have a secure retirement and financial independence. We also know we can weather any storms that come our way.

If you’re a client next time you see us we will be asking for your number, and if you’re not [a client] and you’re not having these conversations with your advisers then maybe you should be talking to us.

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