Tax advice for landlords

Those of you paying the higher rate tax bracket on your rental portfolios will know the pain of not getting full relief on your mortgage interest…



The situation


If you’re a landlord, then you know that the tax burden for you has been increasing over the last few years.

40% tax on rental income is very steep when you’re trying to grow a portfolio.

Running the properties through a Limited company is a good way to mitigate your tax if you want to keep reinvesting your profits and this is a good solution for new properties.

But what about those properties you currently own personally?



The solution


The main issue that stops landlords transferring their properties into a Company is the capital gains tax when they are sold to the Limited Company.

There is good news for certain landlords though. If your property portfolio can be categorised as a business, it can be transferred to a Limited company and the capital gains tax deferred until the properties are sold.

This only works if you have a few properties and spend some of your time managing them, but every case is different. I offer a free appraisal of your portfolio to determine the best route to mitigate your overall tax burden for your property business. Fill in your details below, and I’ll be in touch to help you pay less tax.


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