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Do I need a strategic plan?

Business advisors, like me, often tell you that you need a Strategic Plan. Creating one for your business is honestly a lot of effort, so do all businesses really need a Strategic Plan? The answer is this: If you’re really ambitious for your business, you do need a...

Limited Company or Not?

We often get start-up businesses coming to see us, and one big question we often get is "should I be a Limited Company or not?" There used to be quite a tax saving from having a Limited Company and this far outweighed the slightly higher fees to operate versus a sole...

What do I need to know when I start a Limited Company?

Once you decided which structure you’re going to use for your business it’s time to register with all the necessary authorities. Here’s how to do it if you’ve chosen the Limited Company option. Forming a Limited Company The first thing you need to do is incorporate a...

Allowable Expenses

All businesses pay tax based upon what profits they make, once the profit is calculated the relevant tax rate is applied to this to calculate the amount of tax due. To arrive at a profit a series of allowable costs are deducted from the business’s turnover. The rules...

PYE2 Get Ahead Checklist

These days it’s very important to plan ahead when your year-end comes around. Many opportunities for tax planning simply disappear once the year end date slips by. We’ve set out below the important areas for consideration below along with the reasons why, we call this...

Working out your VAT

If you have a receipt which includes VAT but the supplier hasn’t split out the VAT how do you work out the VAT? Just follow this quick calculation to work it out - assuming it's 20% VAT!   To calculate the VAT divide the gross amount by 6.   To calculate the...

Getting The Most Out of Factoring

Factoring or invoice discounting has become the most common way to fund working capital for businesses over the last 10 years. We choose our words very carefully in the opening paragraph by choosing ‘common’ rather than ‘popular’. Most businesses would prefer the...

Paying Seagrave French

Sort Code 60 13 15 Account No. 53187113 Account Name Seagrave French LLP Reference Your Invoice Number

Paying HMRC

If you need to make a payment to HMRC here is all the information you need. Self Assessment Sort Code            08 32 10 Account No.       12001039 Account Name  HMRC Cumbernauld Reference           Your 10 digit Self Assessment URN and add a ‘k’ at the end.  ...

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