Making it fairer to rent a home

Making it fairer to rent a home

June 29, 2023


In this Easy Read document, we provide a simplified explanation of the Government’s White Paper on “A Fairer Private Sector.” The aim is to make changes to rules and laws governing private rented homes, ensuring fair treatment for tenants and promoting decent living conditions.

Why we want to make changes

The reasons behind the proposed changes are numerous. Poor quality housing poses health risks, and expensive rents make it challenging for individuals to save for their own homes. Additionally, concerns about being forced to move frequently and the associated disruptions to community ties and children’s education further highlight the need for reform.

What we want

Our objectives include ensuring all individuals have access to safe, good-quality homes, empowering tenants to voice their concerns, and establishing clear responsibilities for landlords.

What we have done

Over the past decade, significant steps have been taken to improve private rented homes. These include mandating smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, providing legal protection for tenants living in dangerous conditions, and introducing schemes to resolve issues between letting agents and tenants.

What we will do

Looking ahead, our focus is on enhancing the quality of private rented homes, particularly in areas where standards are lower. We aim to establish fairer grounds for landlords to evict tenants who exhibit unacceptable behavior or consistently fail to pay rent. Furthermore, measures will be implemented to control rent increases and facilitate challenges to unfair rises through tribunals.

What’s next

These proposed reforms are part of an upcoming legislative process. We intend to present these ideas to parliament for discussion and potential refinement, ultimately leading to the creation of a new law.

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