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Management Systems

What is a Management System?

Management Systems are systematic frameworks designed to manage an organization’s policies, procedures and processes and promote continual improvement within.

The implementation of a proven and effective Management System, such as ISO 9001 Quality Certification, can help a business to improve operations, manage risk and promote stakeholder confidence.

Understanding the Philosophy of Management Systems

Why do management systems exist? What is their goal? And what is the intellectual basis? There is a rather simple philosophy behind the development of management systems: To create a mechanism that allows companies to reliably do things that are important for the company’s success, and to continuously improve in the process.

Benefits of Management Systems

What are the Benefits of Management Systems?

Image for Improved Products & Services

Improved Products & Services

A quality management system ensures that quality criteria are upheld across the full life cycle – from the development of products & services to client usage and post-purchase customer support.

Image for Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Working with a state-of-the-art quality management system ensures that employees follow the latest guidelines set in place, which in turn benefits process efficiency and quality, and time management.

Image of Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

A properly designed and implemented quality management system builds on industry-leading client requirements and expectations, and as a result by embedding such best practices, companies can positively affect their client services.

Image for Improved Processes

Improved Processes

One side-benefit of quality management systems is that it stimulates businesses to continuously re-assess their processes and output. This exercise at the same time provides the opportunity to identify (other) areas of improvements, in turn enabling the creation of added value.

Image for Increased Employee Commitment

Increased Employee Commitment

Quality management systems play an instrumental role in defining clear roles and responsibilities in the field of quality assurance. This transparency benefits the quality and the success of the business, while improving internal communications between the company’s departments or teams.

Image for Better compliance

Better compliance

By implementing a quality management system, including documentation systems, companies can be guaranteed that their processes comply with (international) standards and regulations in a fast and simple way. Such systems also provide the availability to run audits and reports, making it easier to monitor compliance and adapt where needed.

How can Seagrave French help you?

How can Seagrave French help you?

“Working ON the business to help you manage the money!”

Our consultancy services can include a review of your management information systems, particularly in relation to your financial systems and controls that will enable you to take full control of your business.

This can include…

  • Cash controls;
  • Debtor control;
  • Stock control;
  • Purchasing systems;
  • Cost controls;
  • Budgeting;
  • Financial reporting systems.

Reliable management information allows you to react quickly to changing business needs.

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