My accountant is retiring, Help!

sailing off into the sunset on a sailboat.

January 8, 2024

My accountant is retiring, help!

A good accountant should be a key player in your business; they should provide a long-term relationship and act as a trusted advisor.

So it can be worrying when that trusted person tells you they are retiring.

But fear not, Seagrave French can help you, and we promise that we are looking for long-term relationships and being an essential part of your team.

Also, our management team is old enough to have plenty of experience but not so long in the tooth that they will soon hang up their boots!

So, if your current accountant is excellent but heading for a well-deserved rest, why not book an appointment with your new trusted advisor?

We believe in people first and business second, so let’s see if we’re a good fit over coffee ☕

Click on the link to set up a free informal chat with no obligation.

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