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Registered Office

What Is a Registered Office Address?

All companies and partnerships that are incorporated in the UK are legally required to have a registered office address.

In addition to storing your company’s statutory registers for inspection, a registered office address acts as your company’s official address for receiving statutory mail and legal documents from Companies House, HMRC, and various government entities. Your registered office address doesn’t have to be in the same region as your principal trading activity, but it must be a complete, physical postal address in the same UK jurisdiction in which your company is registered.

Your registered office address is permitted to be both a residential and non-residential address. However, it’s encouraged to keep your home details private, hence many prefer the latter option.

If you’re receiving help via a third party for your company incorporation, be sure to use a credible formations company that offers a comprehensive registered office address service.

Why Does a Limited Company Need a Registered Office Address?

Since a registered office address is a legal requirement under UK Company Law, you cannot start or run a private limited company or limited liability partnership in the UK without having a registered office address. In order to achieve corporate transparency, your registered office address details will be placed on public records. However, you are permitted to change your registered office address at any time you wish.

A Registered Office Address for a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

As with a limited company, an LLP must also have a registered office address located within the same UK area to where the partnership is incorporated.

Can I Use My Home Address as My Registered Office?

Although you’re permitted to use your home address as the registered office address, it’s not mandatory or recommended. A separate registered office address is far more professional and helps to keep your home address private.

Benefits of Registered Office

What are the Benefits of a Registered Office?

Image for More Privacy

More Privacy

If someone was to type in your company name on Google, the first thing they’re going to see is a picture of your front door and they will have full access to your home address at the click of a button. Clients showing up at your front door on a Saturday morning is probably the last thing you want.

Image for Give Your Business A Better Image

Give Your Business A Better Image

A great thing about having a virtual office is that you have the freedom to choose anywhere in the world to have a registered office. By registering your business at a prestigious office location such as Grosvenor House in the heart of Birmingham, your company is portrayed as being more professional and successful. It’s a fact that having a good corporate image leads to a boost in business sales.

Image for You Need To Have One

You Need To Have One

It is a legal requirement in the UK that you must have a registered office address. This address is where organisations such as Companies House, HMRC and UK tax authorities will contact your company with important reminders and legal notices. Your company address will be displayed on Companies House and the public will have access to view it.

Image for All The Post

All The Post

The address your company is registered at is the address all your business post is going to be sent to. Don’t let the postman spam you with work mail at home! Here at Seagrave French, any post that we do receive for your business will be sorted into a secure pigeonhole for your company.

How can Seagrave French help you?

How can Seagrave French help you?

“Need a different address for your registered office?”

You can use our office address as the registered office for your company.

This will also ensure all important documents come straight to us to deal with on your behalf straight away. Any that aren’t for us, we forward to you.

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