Seagrave French’s Response to Covid-19

March 23, 2020

Obviously this is a tricky time for all businesses and we wanted to make sure our clients and contacts understand that we are taking sensible steps to protect our team and reduce disruption. We would like to keep things as close as possible to normality in these difficult circumstances.

We are open and able to continue to carry out your work.

Office Hours

Our IT systems allow every team member to work from home as if they were in the office. So we have decided to adopt a lone worker system where one of us will attend the office each day to deal with post and incoming records. We can therefore still receive records for processing and will be dealing with correspondence.

Our phone systems can be dealt with remotely as well so calls to the office will still be answered. In the event that the government forces us to close completely we will still be available be telephone and email and will be working on existing jobs at home.


We will assess the risks on a case by case basis with regard to meetings and on-site visits and these may be held by video or telephone if necessary, we will make contact the day before to verify.


We are you trusted advisor so if you need any support please do not be afraid to ask. We offer free unlimited support [subject to a fair use policy] to all our client by telephone and email. It may take a little longer for us to get back to you but we are here to help.

Help for businesses

In so far as help for businesses announced by the Government is concerned we would suggest you check the following link for support that is being provided and how and when this will be available and can be accessed here.

If you need any help with applications or advice please get in touch.

Support helpline

As a valued client you also have access to the following helpline number 0844 892 2807 so you can discuss in confidence and obtain advice on any employment related, health and safety or commercial and legal related issues that may be relevant to your business, just mention you are one of our client.

One More Thing

As a final thought, please stay positive, we can get through this and in a few months we will look back with pride that we did.

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