Timesheet are unethical!

October 24, 2023

We haven’t used timesheets since we started our firm in 2015.

It was a conscious decision that we made for several reasons.

We offer fixed price fees – so even if we did overrun, we wouldn’t be asking our clients for more money.

We trust our staff to work as hard as they can – we have a very high staff retention rate, and we know if there is an overrun, then it won’t be due to our staff being lazy or inefficient.

Timesheets equate to charging for an input rather than an output; we want to add real value, so charging for an hour simply because we spent the time seems unethical to us.

Timesheets don’t accurately reflect the time spent anyway.

The time we used to spend on timesheets can be spent on more valuable work.

If you want to work with an accountant where the value and outcomes we provide are our main priority, you should deal with us.

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