Tonight’s story’s victim, was the subject of a HMRC investigation over a rental property, they claimed she owed.

Her tax bill was over £20,000 from HMRC. And the worst part, it included interest and penalties!

She wasn’t being looked after by an accountant and wasn’t taking professional advice, a mistake that cost her dearly. She even had to borrow the money to pay HMRC.

When she became a client I asked about the loan and the expenditure. She didn’t have a rental property, we checked. The property in question, it wasn’t even in her name.

We contacted HMRC. They said a lettings agent had told them that she was the owner. HMRC weren’t interested in the truth, they just wanted the money, true villains.

In the end we got her, her refund, but this should never have happened. Some people are just out for themselves. And who knows, maybe they’re just out to get you.