A longstanding Property Manager, Mr. X left his job at an estate agent’s.

Mr. X didn’t have a contract of employment and hadn’t signed any paperwork about client confidentiality, data protection or anything.

One mistake, he would soon regret.

Six months after Mr. X left, the estate agent realized they were losing clients. Some of their landlords were putting their properties with all the local agents, mainly the agents Mr. X had gone to work for.

Mr. X had taken some client records with him when he left. The estate agents can’t prove this though. They don’t know what they can do.

The mistakes made will definitely cost the agent. They just don’t know how much, but it could happen again.

Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month, maybe not next year, but it will happen again – if you don’t learn from this tale and avoid the tragic experience all down to the actions of Mr. X!