This account tells the story of the Aadvark company and the unfortunate circumstances they suffered.

Aardvark put on a lot of events. All of these events were catered to the highest quality that they could provide. They spent £250,000 on catering every year, but they never reviewed the catering cost over four years. Four years!

we suggested a supplier review in one of the first quarterly meetings when they came over to see us. We briefed them on what to do, what to look for, and how to report back to us.

Six weeks later, they’d reviewed all suppliers and changed a few things around. New suppliers for some things and changes of rates for others.

They saved over £27,000 over the next year, or if you’re a glass half full person, about £65,000-75,000  of unnecessary spend in the last three years.

So much cost over a simple issue that would only take a few moments to fix!