Hi, come on in! Welcome to Seagrave French. This is our new HQ, SF HQ.

Welcome to reception. When you first come, you’ll be offered a menu so that you can pick what refreshment you like.

Help yourself to charge if you’re feeling a little bit low, or you could have some fruit or some sweets. If it’s the right time of day, we’ll offer you something a little bit stronger.

Okay, let’s have a look at our boardroom. So this is where the magic happens. We’ve got an interactive AV system here so we can help you with your business planning and your strategy.

We’re even looking after you when you come to the toilets; help yourself to a selection of toiletries: moustache and beard cream, sea salt spray, or just a little bit of deodorant.

Up the steps, this is where all the work happens. Welcome to the nerve centre. This is where all the hard work happens. This is Laura; this is who you speak to when you call us on the phone.

– Hi.

– This is Alison.

– Hi.

– She’s in our management services team.

This is where the boss sits.

Right, well, it was great to see you; stop by any time.