We’re more than accountants, we help drive business growth!

October 5, 2020

We do more than accounts. We’re business advisors as well – first and foremost in fact. If a client wants to grow their business, we can get involved on a more strategic, advisory level to help guide them. We offer what we call, internally, a ‘business transformation service.’ In addition to doing the accounts, we have quarterly meetings with clients. What’s working? What needs attention? At each meeting, we go through a properly structured process covering key points each time. We focus on five key areas of the business to help boost performance. We look at operations, strategy, tax planning, risk management, and wealth management for the owners of the business. We’ve seen the positive effects of our involvement on a number of businesses in the last few years.

In simple terms, we offer experienced but fresh eyes in looking at a business. We hold business owners accountable for agreed action points to help drive the business forward.

A once-a-year meeting can mean recommendations and action points easily drifting or getting forgotten. Meeting regularly means a higher level of accountability. That level of accountability leads to action, and more quickly. Our input is all about helping the client improve their business – essentially challenging the directors of a business with what they need to do. There’s the classic situation if you’re your own boss and you don’t feel like doing something, well… it doesn’t get done.

This is where we help. We’ll help keep things moving along; action points getting actioned. And not only actioned but assessed and reviewed. And of course, as we get to know a business our ability to advise and support increases.

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