Accounting for your Amazon or Shopify income?

Image of Accounting for your Amazon or Shopify income?

April 27, 2021

Amazon and Shopify allow businesses to operate well outside of the geographic area than they otherwise would be able to. This has allowed some entrepreneurs to grow very rapidly. We already have several clients who have done very well with this model.

Amazon and Shopify make it very smooth by handing the fulfilment, advertising and storage meaning that very large businesses can operate with very small other overheads. One person teams can have turnovers of many millions.

The difficulty can be dealing with the accounting for these transactions particularly for a small team as they do tend to be high in quantity and complexity.

We have picked up a lot of experience in this area and with the use of smart AI-driven technology, we can now offer a service to take over the entire accounting function for a lot less than you would expect. But always with a professional accountant making sure things are accurate.

If this is an issue you are experiencing talk to us about how we can help.

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