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Accounting Software

What is Accounting Software?

Accounting software is software that does various accounting and bookkeeping tasks. It stores a business’s financial data and is often used to perform business transactions.

Most modern accounting software is always connected to the internet. This means you can connect from any internet-capable device, like your laptop or smartphone. This online space where you can access your data is called the cloud. Online accounting software automatically receives and updates because it’s always connected to the internet.

Different kinds of accounting software do different things. Most of them automatically enter, store and analyse data for you. This is especially useful for saving time on tasks like bank reconciliation. Accounting software also offers useful tools like invoicing, bill payment, payroll, and financial reporting.

Benefits of Accounting Software?

What are the Benefits of Accounting Software?

Image for It Saves Time

It Saves Time

There is an investment of time upfront to set up your accounting software, but once you do, it will save you hours of work each week by handling processes automatically.

Image for It Instantly Generates Key Financial Reports

It Instantly Generates Key Financial Reports

No more waiting while your administrative assistant puts together your monthly reports: Accounting software platforms have built-in reports that are automatically updated.

Image for It Syncs All Your Financial Data

It Syncs All Your Financial Data

Accounting software will sync the data from all your online accounting tools via API, so you don’t need to download financial information from each individual source.

Image for Professional-looking Financial Statements

Professional-looking Financial Statements

Accounting software produces financial statements in standardized formats that are ready to download and share when requests come through.

Image for It Simplifies Payroll

It Simplifies Payroll

With accounting software, you can automate payments to employees, calculate healthcare and insurance contributions, and get accurate payroll tax information.

Image for It Gives Detailed Insights

It Gives Detailed Insights

If your chart of accounts is set up properly, you can use accounting software to track your transactions by different queries. This gives you a clear picture of what your income is.

How can Seagrave French help you?

How can Seagrave French help you?

“Simple is good, Simple and effective is better”

If you need advice on the right accounts or payroll software for you, please talk to us.

We can also offer training in the use of some of the leading packages.

In addition, being a fully computerised practice we have a great understanding of many I.T. areas and know our clients are in an excellent position to help them. We can often help or point you in the right direction with…

  • Accounts software
  • Online accounts packages
  • Payroll software
  • Contact management software
  • Advising on the necessary hardware
  • E-mail and internet set up
  • Management reporting solutions
  • Use of various office software packages

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